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Entrails fall out of the bare stomach.
The feeding creature moans in pleasure at the taste of the mans blood, and the sounds of his agony.
The creature chews its last piece that it would have of the man and turns to the woman who is squirming in fear of what is smirking at her.
An almost human looking creature, except for the smooth shiny scales, the sharp teeth covered in blood splotches that drip off of the teeth and to fill the gaps entrails of the last victim, the tail that holds the woman now so that she cannot escape. The creatures eyes where also a feature that was not human, they were wide, and bright red glow emerged from them.
The best crawled closer to the girl, and the girl could not help but notice the long orange hair and the human body that faced her, from the back it just seemed like a beast, but from the front it seemed like a normal teenage girl. A simple thought, right before her spine cord was ripped along with the rest of her neck and with the teeth her blonde blue eyes head was sent flying into the wall for the beast to munch on the decapitated corpse.

A girl opens her eyes to see clouds above her along with a bright blue sky "What th-" She rubs her eyes and sits up starring at her surroundings. a plain grass field. She rubs her head "Did i go to a party last night..... I can’t remember..." She mumbles to herself as she gets up and looks at herself  "Blood?" she states but the she jumps awake "BLOOD!!!!!!" she shouts to the air as she stares at her ripped blooded shirt "God dammit... I loved this shirt to!" She sighs taking it off and walking through the forest towards her small town.
She hides in the bushes after seeing a couple of cop cars looking at a scene near the love hotel, right located next to the church. She had always that that'd to be ironic but never questioned it in any way. She backs into the forest a little more just to trip over a leg of sorts. She gets up and looks around her and screams. What was before her was a little boy, well the remains you could say. Her arms are grabbed by two officers as they take her away from the scene to calm her down "NO!" She screams freeing her self and running to the head on the stick. the eyes were gone, and she did not wish to search for them. She didnt need to, she knew who this was. She places her hand on the cheek of the head, it was cold, just like it should of been. but then started to warm up. She jumps back as blood starts to spurt out the eyes hitting the police officers behind her but still not stopping. Suddenly the mouth opens and the blood also roots to there, launching right where the girl was sitting. She jump out of the way the blood spurting onto the ground and then. All of it stopped finally finishing.
The girl falls to her knees in complete shock, her brother’s head, on a stick a fucking stick couldn’t the murderer shown more respect at least. She gets up and though the police urge her not to go home quite yet she ignores and walks off.
She reaches her home. Two stores tall, 3 bed room and two bathrooms, home. She walks in to see her parent’s collapsed in one another’s arms tears pouring from their eyes, daring to leave a permanent mark. They look up to see her and rush over but she knocked them down "I shall not weep for that incompetent weakling.." She states going off into the back yard to the garage but is already to meet her grandfather in the middle of the yard "It seems you are back....... but not as you were." He looks into her eyes "You should not strike you parents down like that since they will kick me out because of you." He sighs blocking her attack and placing her on her back "You are not in your usual self young one. You need to calm before you let yourself get taken over by your other half." He states calmly "Wouldnt want it to take over once again my dear." he states. She gets up and looks at him as if he should have never been born "Oi, If i wasnt here you wouldnt be!" He laughs "Wouldnt that be good..." She mumbles walking inside "Gosh, why does Christa have to be like that." The old man sighs as he walks back to where he hides. Where he holds his secrets, and teaches the girl how to survive, as a human.
While the old man reads over a couple of books he hears a knock on the door, it was loud and whoever it was was angry at the man on the other side. The old man approaches it carefully and looks through the only think that holds his privacy, his blind. He opened it “Christa!” He smiles at her stern reaction “please....” she looks up into his eyes “Please teach me how to control this!” She shouts tears streaming down her face and he grabs her hugging her “What do you think I’ve been doing since you were born...” He whispers “Being an old dude....” She replies which makes him smile “Come inside, I want to show you something.” He states letting her free and she nods “Come on.” He states walking away from the door and she walks in. Her eyes widen “What.... What... Is that...” She states, “It is a rock statue, painted of what we are...” He states looking at her “Is.... That really...” She falls to her knees “Scary huh, I’m planning to use it for Halloween decorations....” He smirks “You better make two...” She smiles finding the funny part of it all “I thought of that... but this took me a couple of weeks and where does an old man have time for that!” They both laugh at his joke; finally that old man was getting a break, a break from the horror of what they were.
Of  being a draguone.
I dunno, i guess i wanna try a new thing, posting stories up here and trying out writting gore..... Im reeeaaaaallllyyyyy bad at it and i know. But i cant get any better if i dont try. I guess im bad at it since i cant write really descriptive..... Damn.

I know its small to... its only like 1,000 words... T^T

Well i hope you like

Oh and the last word.... not a spelling mistake... that is litrally what im calling them.

Story (c) :iconbamitzsophie:
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I think i wrote it like ages ago.
so bored i uploaded it
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